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Does Your Law Firm Have a Disaster Preparedness & Business Continuity Plan?

We are facing an unprecedented emergency situation - it's time to act!

The change in our ordinary life and business environment came suddenly and unexpectedly. Many people have to stay home hoping to keep their jobs and business in this uncertain situation. Probably, the most flexible the business is the biggest are its chances to survive and retain its clients and employees.

While the COVID19 pandemic is the top news, it is time to accept that there will always be unanticipated events outside of your control that have the potential to impact your business. The obligation under the applied measures for pandemic prevention to stay home and work remotely made all organizations (as well as the law firms) reconsider the need to have a Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning and to rely on resources enabling remote work.

Between the 10th and 13th of March 2020 all courts in Bulgaria closed, as well as the state and local administration, trying to support their activities and to provide services on remote mode. We are now in the third week of closing the offices and trying to work remotely. There was no time to prepare for the potential closures and remote work, but the situation and the uncertain expiration date of the emergency situation might be a good reason to start building plans now.

Here are some questions to consider and steps to take to become more flexible and respond adequately to the emergency situation without losing clients and business, keeping your employees safe, but active and engaged as usual. The strategy can be applied by every Law Firm, as well as by its clients. In our opinion the courts administration can benefit from this strategy as well.

The first thing to do is understand the lifecycle of a client matter. Next, you should consider the operational side of your business and ask yourself what you need to do to ensure that your business continues to run despite an office closure. Prioritize and make a shortlist of less than 6 areas you need to address as soon as possible. The categories of the problems should cover your internal organization and operation as well as your interaction with the clients (the clients’ workflow and communications). Define the specific tasks and assign them. Make tests and train your people.

The Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity Plan should cover actions from short term and long term perspective (see the diagrams).

LegalTrek – a provider of services for time and case management – can be your partner in building up your Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity Plan. The solutions we offer are covering all matters you need to consider in order to make your operations flexible and remotely manageable. Our software will help you to manage your cases and business matters, manage and access your clients’ database, follow your calendar and share it with coworkers and to deal with all of time management issues you have, limiting the time for time reporting and billing. More information about our service can be found at https://www.legaltrek.com/.

Take care. Be positive and innovative. Crises always result in development.




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In Oct. 2019 LegalTrek became an Official Microsoft Partner. The end-to-end solution to all IT needs of the modern law firm is now available via the AppSource portal at preferential prices.


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