Еasy, Intuitive, End-to-End Software Solution

Manages your firm's admin and stores your data securely, while you concentrate on what matters!

Whether you entered the legal profession out of love for the law and the intellectual challenges it offers, or you strived to build your own practice, or just to help people, one thing is for sure - administrative work and data security is not your priority. Nor should it be - ever!

A modern law firm balances its resources to meet the demands of its clients in the face of growing competition and complexity. The job of the managing partner is to oversee the projects of the firm, ensure quality, grow their team, and - last, but perhaps most important - deliver their signature experience and solve the client's problem. We know this from our experience working with law firms in over 20 countries on 6 continents.

So where does issuing invoices in Microsoft Excel, following payments and tracking expenses one by one fall in this picture?

In our hands!

Imagine a single solution that stores your data securely, handles project management, timesheets and invoicing and delivers accurate reports at your fingertips. That's how LegalTrek helps you and your team!